If you've found your way here, I'm guessing it may be for a reason. Perhaps you sense that there is something about the sounds that you make and the way that you make them that has very real significance in your life. Whatever walk of life you're coming from, you are probably aware on some level that your voice is your calling card - it affects every interaction you will ever have! And with more awareness, plus some physical and emotional vocal work, it can affect every area of your life for the better. It's a pretty big deal!

Our voices are the potential source of incredibly deep healing and transformation. They are a powerful way of channeling your energy directly into the physical plane, compressing your desire into a hear-able, feel-able wave of intention that literally impacts your reality. You do not have to have the most amazing voice ever to tap into this power. You simply have to have the desire, plus a little guidance and know-how. From there, your voice literally becomes your teacher, your guide, your confidante, and you are able to transform your life through the sounds that you make. I've experienced and witnessed this phenomenon time and again, and I'm totally clear that it's available to anyone, anywhere, with any kind of voice. It's fun, astonishing, enlightening, and totally uplifting!

I'm delighted that you're here, and truly wish you well on your sound journey. It's a journey that can be rooted completely in reality, on the physical plane, while simultaneously helping you to traverse spiritual, cosmic, and psychic realms if you so desire. It can even help you merge the two in wondrous ways.

There are many people who are suffering and struggling through very real challenges. In one way or another, most of us are. Conscious voice work can help. There are so many reasons people do vocal work, but what it comes down to is that it doesn't matter where you're coming from or why; if you're hearing the call, you're hearing it for a reason!

The Singing For Your Soul website is meant to help your soul sing in every area of your life. Of course that includes singing (come on, singing can be SUCH a blast!), but it also includes our awareness, consciousness, and choices in daily living too! This is my love offering to the world: a sharing of all the ways in which I'm learning to let my soul sing. I would be honored and delighted to have you join this journey. The more empowered voices we are, the more beautiful our human race.

What are some voice topics you're interested in knowing more about? What would help you along your vocal journey? Please, let us know in the comments below!

With Love,

~ Kimberly


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Hi! I'm Kimberly Harrison, singer and voice teacher on a mission... to help you enjoy your voice and your life more. You can do it in so many simple ways. A great way to start is by asking yourself "What Makes YOUR Soul Sing?" and then letting the answers be your guide...

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