Studio Policies


The first and any subsequent payments received by Singing For Your Soul are considered full understanding and acceptance of the policies, liability release, and disclaimer as outlined below. 


  • All payments must be made in advance, or the session will not be taught.
  • Lessons not cancelled with at least 24-hours notice will be charged (no refunds or rescheduling are available).
  • Even with 24-hours or more notice, in the case of excessive cancellations, SFYS may charge an excessive cancellation fee.
  • Due to the healthy nature of SFYS activities, most illnesses (esp cold and flu, particularly for Skype), are NOT legitimate reasons to cancel! We can work gently in ways that will assist you even while sick. In the case of LEGITIMATE, emergency illness, please notify Kimberly asap if you must reschedule. 24-48-hours notice OR MORE is preferred, but in the case of sudden onset, please call first thing in the morning.
  • Private sessions may not be transferred to or shared with others.
  • Sessions will start and end at the scheduled times.
  • Private sessions are generally one hour long (unless otherwise decided). As necessary, 5-10 min of this time is reserved for book-keeping and/or scheduling, which will be kept to a minimum.
  • All packages have expiration dates and any unused sessions at the end of the expiration period are forfeited. 4-month packages expire 6-months from issue date, and 6-month packages expire 8 months from the issue date, unless otherwise discussed.
  • All private and group classes are pre-paid and are not refundable.
  • If you choose to discontinue your lessons or take a leave of absence, an early termination fee of $50 will apply, and we ask for a minimum of two weeks notice. If less than two weeks notice, our policy is to charge the full tuition fee for two additional sessions, in addition to the early termination fee. We are grateful to know in advance, so that we can fill our monthly quota.

Liability Release Form


I acknowledge that:

  • Students who take lessons or classes at SFYS do so at their own risk.
  • I am in adequate physical condition based on my own assessment, and am not relying on any representations made by anyone at SFYS.
  • I hereby release SFYS and its instructors, contracted employees, and agents from all liability in relation to any passive negligence related to personal injury, illness, property damage, loss, claims, suits, expenses, damages, or legal fees incurred on account of any loss or injury to me or my property (including personal information).
  • I release SFYS from any of the aforementioned in connection with and/or as a result of my attendance at classes, services, or sessions, and/or the use of SFYS facilities and/or products, whether occurring on or off SFYS premises. It is further understood and agreed that the client or the parent/guardian shall further bear all costs and expenses, including the expense of counsel, in the defense of any suit arising hereunder.


SFYS Disclaimer

The information provided in this website is intended for those who are of sound mind and body. SFYS shares information that has been helpful to Kimberly personally, as well as in her work with numerous clients. Much of this work is sanctioned and used by professional mental and physical healthcare providers, and has been learned by Kimberly in her personal journey and studies with many different practitioners. SFYS offers proven mind/body/spirit approaches.

However, these approaches are not for those who are dealing with serious health concerns. We do not offer and are not licensed to offer medical treatment for severe mental or physical health problems. If you are experiencing serious anxiety, depression, or any other mental or physical health concern, please seek treatment from a medical professional right away.

This Website is © copyrighted by Singing For Your Soul, DBA. No part of it may be copied, or changed in any format, sold, or used in any way, online or offline, other than what is outlined within this Website, under any circumstances without express permission from Singing For Your Soul, DBA.