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i.e. Energy Exchange…



i.e. Investment in You.




Why energy exchange? Because that’s what money really is, and what it really gives us. We’ll both receive extraordinary energetic benefits from our work together. Our monetary exchange is a symbol of respect for that synergy.

As for investment in you… well, I hope I’ve done a good job on this site and in the blogs and videos explaining why vocal work is such an incredible self-investment. Not only does vocal work help us sound better, it makes us healthier, happier, more fully integrated, more fluid with our emotions, physically stronger and calmer, more able to connect with others, more compassionate and self-compassionate, and able to let loose, have more fun, and show up more fully in our lives.

The world needs more of you and your brilliance. Let’s get your shine on!


Before You Pay...

I’m currently teaching private lessons online via SKYPE. Prior to your first lesson, I offer a 30 min SKYPE Consultation (complimentary). If you haven’t had your consultation yet, click the “SKYPE Lessons” button below to learn more. If you’re ready to schedule your consult, then by all means, click on the “Contact” button, and let’s get this party started!

SKYPE lessonsContact

If you’ve already met with me and scheduled a lesson, then head on down to make your payment! All sessions must be PREPAID, or will not be considered scheduled.

Thank you ever so much!


 * Please note: Care Packages are one per person for first-time clients, or for previous clients who are taking first-time Skype lessons. They come with your first purchase, but not with subsequent purchases. It simply wouldn’t be sustainable for me to keep up with something like that! Thanks for understanding! XO!

What Are Care Packages?



Care Packages include surprise gifts meant to support and delight you in our work together. 

I create them for each client individually, following our first consultation. As we connect, I’m able to tune in and determine which body and soul-nourishing goodies feel best to include for you. Some of them we will use in our sessions together, and others are purely special treats for you to indulge in and enjoy. The idea of Care Packages was born from my desire to enrich our connection, particularly when working together online. Think of them as Love sent to you in a sweet little box! With Love, ~ Kimberly