Voice Lessons

Woman Opens Windows And Enjoys The LandscapeI help clients find and free their voices. This applies to the technical aspects of singing and speaking, and also to helping you explore, discover, and more fully express your life's passion and purpose.

I approach singing as a mind, body, spirit endeavor. The amount of each ingredient varies for each client, but for all, the goal is self-expression, balance, well-being, and joy.

Who Benefits From Voice Coaching?

Kimberly & Awesome Friend/Client RanjiniSinging For Your Soul is for those who are:

• Nervous about singing, but still wanting to sing and wondering if you can (you can!)

• Seasoned vets looking for inspiration, new vocal colors, styles, greater self-expression, etc

• Anyone struggling with nerves or difficulty projecting during presentations for work

• Actors wanting to sound better & let that “special something” shine brighter (especially at auditions!)

•Teachers, podcasters, newscasters, & announcers - anyone who use their voice to make a living

• Mothers, fathers, career-women & men, you name it. Anyone who's wanting to sing or improve their speaking voice and self-confidence.

What Is Singing For Your Soul Voice Coaching Like?

Well...Crying Wolf

It’s challenging to describe ~ it’s best experienced rather than explained. But here’s my noble attempt:


Ok. But seriously. Well, actually, that was serious. Howling has totally happened in sessions before. I don't claim responsibility for the crazy things people start to do when they're feeling wild and free. And certainly, I think it's one of the healthiest things we'll ever do ~ connect with our inner Wild Man or Wild Woman.

So yes, howling happens. And it's awesome. But, for the curious one's among you, here are some other things you can expect:

On Vocal Technique
I help with vocal technique and understanding the voice, and over the years I've learned incredible voice strengthening and flexibility techniques that simply work, every time. No mystery or magic here. Just the facts m’am and sir! It took me a while and a lot of teachers to figure out those facts, and I’m still studying and learning all the time. But learning to sing does not have to be confusing or mysterious, and yes, you can do it! And if you're wondering - yes, it's SO fun!

It All Depends On What You Need For Your Voice:
• If you need step-by-step vocal technique, built from the very beginning, I can lovingly, patiently, and super-excitedly walk you through it. And I just love doing this work! It's so exciting to see people and their voices blossom!

• If it’s more vocal finesse or internal confidence type of work that you’re desiring, I can lovingly, patiently, and super-excitedly help with those too. As I say all over this website, it all depends on YOU and what YOU desire!

The Magical Aspects Of Singing For Your Soul Voice Coaching
My clients and I find that our time together is a magical, alchemical, bubbling brew. Sessions are ever evolving, because we are ever evolving! This voice coaching is...

Oh yes, and SAFE. I promise you'll feel safe!


How Will These Voice Lessons Help Me Grow?

Human hands holding earth with plant sproutAll private lessons and classes are rooted in vocal work, but they will have a major impact on your “Voice with a capital V” ~ how powerfully and happily you are showing up in life.

By the end of any SFYS course, you can expect that...

Your Voice Will Be

• Stronger
• More flexible
• More responsive
• More intriguing
• More authentic
• More embodied


You Will Know How To:
• Continue your vocal growth
• Be more present
• Show up more powerfully in your life
• Be clearer about what you want
• Be clearer about how to create it
• Be happier and more fulfilled, no matter what

How Kimberly Works

I no longer teach straight-up “voice lessons.” Let me explain.Woman With Scarf

First of all, I absolutely LOVE teaching people to sing(!!!), and that’s still a BIG part of my sessions. But it’s about far more than that, and thus, we work on far more than that! As for what it all ends up looking like, well, that will depend on YOU. ME. And our ALCHEMY!

Another thing: I may have a plan going in, but I’m all about following inspiration. She is a wonderful guide, and always delighted to join us. We can definitely count on her Presence!

And finally, because they will show up in spades, there are three last things worth mentioning. I call them The Three G’s: Gentle, Goofy, Goodness. I’ve got ‘em, I like ‘em, I use ‘em, and that’s how I roll!