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What IS a Mandala?

1. A microcosm of the Universe

2. A Meditation Tool: The practitioner memorizes every aspect of the mandala, to call it up as a clear, vivid image for contemplation/focus. By visualizing the “pure lands” of the mandala, one learns to understand experience as pure, and the home of enlightenment.

3. A Meditation On Impermanence: Days or weeks are spent creating intricate mandalas with colored sand. Once finished, they are brushed into a pile and poured into running water to spread the blessings of the mandala.

To more fully enjoy the intricate details of this mandala, click the image at right to enlarge.

Prior to your first session, please email me with the four choices that interest you most from the list above. That way, we can plan our time together. And yes, we will have a plan, but will definitely follow inspiration above all! If you have any questions about the above items, just go ahead and ask!

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