I love Kimberly, and there’s no way you couldn’t. She has taught me a new way of seeing things, expressing myself, and even feeling, that’s brought a new perspective on the world that is so uplifting. Since day one my voice has grown. I’ve learned wonderful approaches to breathing and vocal strengthening. With the tools she teaches not only comes an advanced voice, but in-depth knowledge, extreme confidence, and so much fun. I highly recommend Kimberly to anyone, either advanced or just starting out. I really can’t say enough about her – she’s an amazing artist, teacher, friend, guru & the cutest darn thing to laugh with. Truly an hour never feels like enough time. So, FYI: If you’re looking for a voice coach and came upon her name, then congratulations, because you’ve just struck gold.

Nikki Christie

Actor, NikkiChristie.com

Thanks so much Kimberly. Your tips were priceless. Changed my whole perspective of singing. I’m recording today and have so much more control and confidence. Super grateful!

Julien May

Singer/Songwriter, JulienMay.com

I started taking vocal lessons with Kimberly hoping to work through the effects of past emotional traumas on my voice. Kimberly has such an interesting approach. Some of our vocal work technical, but for me, it’s also been largely emotional. We talk about my feelings associated with performing, and she suggests meditations and what I’d describe as cognitive therapy exercises. When we’re working, I feel like I’m talking with a friend. I feel safe, unjudged, and as though I’m being advised, not criticized. And… I feel loved. To me, that’s a huge, and I think what makes Kimberly such a great teacher. She loves what she does, AND she loves others freely. It definitely shows in her teaching. We’ve only been working together a short time, but I already feel healing and a return of confidence. I can’t wait to see where this path leads, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to help guide me through this journey with my voice.

Mel Finefrock


Kimberly’s voice lessons have not only improved my performance and speaking skills, but have also transcended into helping me in everyday life!

For instance, I used to have difficulties with the voice-to-text options on my phone. My “nearest gas station” search turned into “meter gas craving, and “Be home soon” became “Beyonce soon.” Well, as luck would have it, Kimberly and I started working on improving my speaking voice. Normally I speak in a lower register, but Kimberly explained that my natural vocal range was actually slightly higher. I took her advice and started implementing her lessons. The ultimate payoff came a few days later when I tried to use my voice-to-text for finding directions. As soon as I started speaking in my correct vocal range, my phone actually understood what I was saying! Word for word! No more frustrating deleting and starting over; no more “meter gas craving!”

This is only one of the many changes I have seen in my life since taking classes with Kimberly. My posture has improved. Her breathing and meditation exercises have also vastly improved my way of life. Kimberly’s lessons go beyond merely improving your singing. I recommend her to anyone looking to improve their voice and themselves.

Laura Denton

Actor, Laura-Denton.com

I was referred to Kimberly after landing a role in a cabaret show where I had to sing TWO songs, one that opened the show. I had never sung before and only had three weeks before opening night!

We did an intensive singing crash-course. We even had the director come in to meet with her so she knew exactly what he wanted. She gave me a series of exercises that she said would build strength and flexibility in my voice as quickly as possible. And she even helped re-write one of the songs to fit my vocal range.

Kimberly’s techniques helped me amazingly in a very short time. The cast, director, and I immediately noticed the positive changes in my voice and confidence.

The show got great reviews. We were particularly delighted when the Los Angeles Post reviewer noted that, “Alain Washnevsky draws us into the story with his strong, well trained voice.” Wow. Thank you Kimberly!

Alain Washnevsky

Actor, AlainWash.com

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher, for continuing to such a wonderful inspiration, and for being the BEST voice teacher ever. You are the best teacher I’ve had in L.A. because you not only teach music… you teach life. I always look forward to our lessons and you have inspired me in so many ways! Keep being amazing!

Also thank you so much for the lesson last week. I really like the direction we’re going in. You’re better than any acting teacher I’ve ever had. You’re like two in one!

Fallon Goodson

Actor, Producer, FallonGoodson.com

I have sung professionally for years. During that time, I studied with some wonderful teachers and singing coaches but I can honestly say, I’ve never worked with anyone as talented as Kimberly Harrison. She has more understanding of the voice and the hot house flower ego in possession of the voice than anyone I’ve ever worked with. Kimberly is the best.

Peter Schuyler

Writer, Singer, PeterSchuyler.com

I could write a positive note a week for Kimberly. What can I say about the person who has helped to open the closet door where my inner singer was hiding? She is a vocal coach with both the technical knowledge and training to bring me out into a whole new world.

Each lesson is so full of interesting things to learn and experience. I thoroughly enjoy. Time flies when I’m having so much fun!

Janice Ramkalawan

Teacher, Mother, Grandmoter

Kimberly is a rare teacher. She has the capacity to guide me into a profound understanding of the subtle intricacies of voice production. With clear, precise, and gentle directives I found I was suddenly engaging parts of myself that I never knew I had. I was able to discover an ease and fluency in my voice that I had only dreamed of before.

She has developed a series of exercises that deconstruct how I place my intention in the intricate structures of my tongue, my vocal chords, and all my resonating chambers. I am now keenly aware of the many possibilities of how I activate what is needed to sing. With Kimberly’s attuned and careful guidance, I have found my way into understanding the process of voice production that has allowed me to find an effortless power.

I feel the process is essentially spiritual in that she is teaching me how to move my mind to awaken unaware parts of my breath, my vocal chords, my tongue and my head resonating chambers to consciously be able to produce a musical, clear, connected and satisfying vocal expression. She creates a positive caring environment and has a way of catching you in the correct placement and the correct effort so you can find your way back yourself to the power and expressive beauty of your own voice.

Ruth Gould-Goodman

Author, California Licensed Acupuncturist, and Teacher of Consciousness through Body Expression, RuthGouldGoodman.com

Kimberly, you ROCK!  That’s all I gotta say. YOU are going to do amazing things with your work and help many along the way. I see this only in some – your gifts are huge and you WANT to share them with the world and you will in many magnificent ways. This I KNOW.

Lisa Sahakian

Yoga Educator and Radio Personality, InlightenUP!

Learning about my voice has been a great journey. My speaking and singing have improved substantially, and along with them, so have my social and personal relationships. I communicate more slowly and clearly, mumble less, and am more aware of my vocal tone and how I am using my body when I speak. People have responded by showing greater respect. It seems I capture their attention more.

In fact, my new way of speaking has actually allowed me to attract a relationship! My girlfriend says that when we first met, I captivated her and made her want to hear more. And this is coming from a woman who for many years didn’t even give a second chance to anyone.

Joubin Rabbani

M.B.A, ChT (Certified Hypnotherapist), Miracles From Within

Kimberly, thank you for being an artistic sounding board. You naturally do what all artists attempt – you speak directly to a person’s authenticity, at the root-level, thereby creating a safe space for others to speak/sing/move from their authentic self; discovering their truth.

Its beautiful what you do; impactful, meaningful, and dynamic. So thank, thanks, thanks!

Zina Ponder-Pistor

Actor, Producer

Kimberly has the most natural techniques that bring out the true “you” in your singing! I was really blessed to have found her. I had been invited to her Singing for Your Soul class by one of her students and I was amazed at how free the students were learning to be and that the exercises were actually really fun! Definitely not your average voice lesson…this is a voice and soul soaring, rejuvenation journey!

Monique Freitas

Reiki Master , 'Aha Hui Lanakila

When I plan to attend your Friday class, I can’t wait for our happy time together.  I love to be around you! It was a meant for me to get to know you! I enjoy class a lot. It’s not like any other singing class. I feel it is truly fun, participative, and you are passionate and so fun to be with.

Please come to sing your heart out with us. I hope to see you there. Such a fun group of people, supportive, kind, and we have good times. I so enjoy our class!!!!!! Thanks, Kimberly for your unique way of teaching……….

Li Jiang


Oh what a wonderful person you are. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. I had a great time in class, learned a lot, and can’t wait to meet up again. Thank you!


Long Beach, CA

Comments from anonymous voice class surveys:

“Love it!! It’s so much more than learning to sing! Loved the circle you created… it felt soothing and safe.”

“I notice improvement in how far I can reach, and would never have sung in front of strangers before.”

“Love it. Have learned so much about my voice. The exercises are FANTASTIC! LOVE YOU Kimberly!”

“Classes have improved my vocal confidence and made me aware of what my voice is doing. I’ve learned how to push through obstacles and get my voice to go new places that I love.”

“Positive, encouraging. I like all the analysis to explain how to create a sound. I love that my voice can be stronger than I ever thought possible.”

“Very good growth and confidence building.”

“It’s been absolutely awesome! I feel so honored and lucky to have had this experience! Thanks!”

“Such a quick bonding with a group of complete strangers by sharing this experience of feeling completely exposed.”

“Really lovely, soulful, heart-filled! Techniques for breathing, hitting and low notes, belting to strengthen the voice.”

“Completely positive, immediately welcoming, and consistently encouraging. I liked discussion of the body as an instrument to help us focus on more than just the head and throat. Questions were answered so completely!”

“I loved the class. It gave me confidence in my voice. I loved the feedback too. It was exactly what I needed to improve. I learned to trust my body can carry my voice.”

“Fun and safe environment. Really amazing!!! ”