Kimberly’s Music

“Stunning. A perfect blend of middle-east influences, British ayres, and middle earth atmosphere… ”

“What a GORGEOUS voice and remarkable range. Ethereal and quite amazing. You can just feel the longing.”

Album Releases

After years of singing on other’s albums, I’m finally working on my first solo AND two different duo-collaborative albums! All are slated for release by late summer or fall of 2015. Wahoo! Sign up for my music mailing list below for updates!

“Every performance Kimberly gives is the straying of her blood.”

“Why isn’t this woman on Broadway? One minute she’s singing slapstick comedy, the next, ethereal siren-song. Exquisite.”

“Crystal clear voice, with such warmth and fragility.”

“Kimberly embodies my fantasy of music ~ bringing all that passion and life to others in such a direct way. A powerful gift of love.”

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