The word welcome written in sand on beach, with waves in the backgroundHello, Bienvenido, Aloha, and Shalom!

Are you looking for something MORE for your voice? Do you ever feel that there’s something beyond vocal technique that involves you on every level?

Well, the good news is, its true! There is something beyond vocal technique that involves you on every level! And, in one form or another, its available to all of us.

The human voice is a portal to freeing the body, mind, & soul. Simply put, learning to create healthy, vibrant sound can literally rock your world.

I’d be delighted to have you join me on your journey, and hope you truly enjoy and grow through your time on this website. Please share your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you. And wherever your sound journey takes you, may you find Your voice, Unfettered & Free!

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 Hi! I'm Kimberly! 


Again, welcome to Singing For Your Soul!


What makes Your Soul Sing...?!


This question is a personal guiding light and has taken me on quite the life journey...



What I Do

First of all, I LOVE what I do! I get to help clients befriend, explore, enhance, and enjoy their voices AND their lives. YAY!

I’ve had all-over-the-map experiences with sound, vibration, and my own voice. It's taken a lot of exploration to arrive in the happier place I’m in today, but sound and my voice have helped me immensely along the way. They are my teachers and friends.

Another huge part of my journey has been asking “what makes my soul sing?” and then having the courage to follow the answers, even if they seem crazy.

Altogether, my life experience has helped me explore the human voice ~ as it relates to singing, speaking, and living ~ in very deep ways.

Voice-Class-YesVocal Technique for Singing & Speaking

I’ve been fortunate to learn from many brilliant teachers (of voice, music, movement, spirituality, etc). In that time, I’ve seen vocal technique broken down into manageable steps. I’ve learned and then created some incredibly effective exercises that bring strength, flexibility, embodiment, and richness to the voice, and so quickly and consistently. There are many other vocal and life tools that I’ve explored, and at this point, they’re all blending into a quirky, multifaceted symphony of vocal exploration. Tra la la!

Kimberly Headshot Jenny Lens 1Performing ~ Developing Self-Confidence

I’ve had super-transcendent performances that felt like a spectacular lightening bolt inhabited my body. Those moments are utterly fabulous. I’ve also had painful belly flops ~ crippling performance anxiety brought on by confusion about how to sing, and paranoia that others would skewer and roast me with their judgements.

Those instances showed me that perfectionism just ain’t no fun. It kills the spirit, peeps! There’s nothing like a big old criticism fest to ruin one’s confidence, throw the body into discomfort mode, and diminish a perfectly beautiful experience. No fun! I finally discovered that if I wanted to continue with music, I had to chill the bleep out! I also had to dig deep into vocal technique, my own mind, and my self-created world and really do some course correcting. I’ll be honest ~ it wasn’t always easy. But everything ~ my singing, performing, relationships, daily living, just all of it ~ have benefited from the discoveries. I now enjoy consistently transcendent experiences while performing, and as a bonus, also while living my daily life!

The Spiritual Nitty Gritty of Singing, Speaking, and Life Itself

As far as I can tell, Experience IS the point. Simply paying attention to our experiences and guiding our thoughts towards what feels better will sooner or later lead us to the spiritual awakening we’ve all been clamoring for. It’s simple and elaborate all at once.

As you'll see me say all over this site (I'm slightly passionate about this topic!), vocal, musical, and sonic explorations can enhance our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They can help us focus our thoughts, intentions, and experience in a very physical AND metaphysical way. Learning to use our voices well is essentially a mind/body/spirit journey. And yes, I believe ANYONE can learn to sing. If upgrading your singing or speaking voice is calling to you, then there's a reason for it, deep within you. By all means, please heed the call!

Singing in the Concert Hall Vs. The Living Room

Music and the arts enrich us in SO MANY WAYS! But y'all, there's this current trend toward glorifying the highly gifted few, and thinking that the rest of us mere mortals have no business making music or art. And that's just baloney!

Yes, I absolutely believe that incredible artistry is inspiring, amazing, essential. AND... so is music and art of the every day sort. I'm talking friends singing around the campfire, humming to yourself while washing dishes, writing a poem about seeing your child off to their first day of school, taking that painting class (or wildly smearing finger paint around just because!), or going out for fun karaoke and dance night with your friends.

Wherever we are on the spectrum of musical and artistic ability, we're ALL creative beings, and it's SO important to our well-being that we sing, dance, paint, play, and create on a regular basis. Just think of how much happier the whole world would be if we did. There's your answer. We are serving the world when we get happy and create. Yes, even if we don't yet know how to carry a tune or aren't the next Picasso. Because who really cares?! Does an African village where the babes have been singing since day one care about the tuning? NO! They're into self-expression, creativity, and community. Because they make the world go round, yo!

The Point Of It AllK Blowing

What it comes down to is that I’m here to inspire you, be inspired by you, and get our singing thang on! I am so grateful we’ve met, and look forward to continuing our journey together. I so hope you will find joy and inspiration in the offerings on this website, and that you will enrich our community by sharing yourself with us.

BlesSings and Namaste!